How to convert 35MM slides to digital

Frequently Asked Questions

       How do I get started using your service to convert my 35MM slides to digital photos?

First, call me,  Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 so I can answer any questions you might have. Send a text if that's easier or if I miss your call.

Next, if you use a desktop computer with a printer, follow this link to the order form. Please print and fill out page one and read over page two. Page two of the order form has info on shipping your slides. Call Jim when you're ready to ship.

      How do I pay you and what is the per slide pricing?

Standard pricing is 59 cents for no edits scanning and 99 cents for Photoshop enhanced. A $5.00 recording fee is charged for each DVD or CD required.

I charge you exactly what it costs me for return shipping with USPS. For FedEx returns I charge $5.00 over the FedEx charge...since I drive it to the FedEx location.

Please pay by check for mail order transactions. Your itemized invoice will have payment instructions. For pick-up and drop-off, cash is usually required.

Many other photo scanning services require full payment before they'll ship anything back to you. I trust my customers. 

For orders over $200.00 I require a 1/3 payment with your shipment. for more info on pricing and what is included visit the pricing page.

       Did you have a minimum charge?

Yes.  $35.00.  With  large transparency film digitizing projects, it might be best to send a test batch to whichever photo scanning service you choose.  Consider keeping the fact that it's a test batch quiet... That way you'll get an honest sample of the image quality and customer service before you commit to a huge project.

      Can you convert 35MM slides to PowerPoint?

Yes.  In fact I get requests for PowerPoint often.  Call Jim at 781-244-5655 with questions about 35MM slides to PowerPoint conversion.

      What digital image format is best?

JPG image format works for 90% of people.  I always scan to uncompressed TIF format so those files are available.  I then make JPG files from the TIF files.

       Can you scan my slides in sequence...As they are in the Kodak Carousels?

Yes.  Absolutely.  Be sure to bring this up when we talk :-) I can also group your image files, by slide tray for example.

       Once you receive my slides, how long will the work take?

Most orders less than 300 slides will take less than 1 week.  Large orders will take longer.  If you are in a hurry, let me know.  Need Rush Service? Sometimes I can accommodate, sometimes not :-/

       I've seen lower prices from other photo scanning services.  Why should I choose your service?

If superior image quality, excellent customer service and good communication are important to you, then you've found the right scanning service.  Visit the main page for more info.

If the lowest price is your first priority... I won't be offended if you choose someone else for your photo scanning needs :-) Be aware that some photo scanning companies send your photos out of the country to take advantage of cheap labor.  

       Do you offer discounts for large orders?

Yes.  If you have orders of more than 500 slides, call 781-244-5655 to ask about bulk discounts.

       I'm afraid to put my irreplaceable Kodachrome film in the mail.  Can bring my slides to you?

Absolutely!  Since is a home office based business, you'll need to call me to make an appointment. My number is at the bottom of every page.?

       Do you guarantee your work?

100%! Customer satisfaction is my first priority.  If you're not happy with the work, call me right away.  I'll do what it takes to assure your satisfaction.

       My slides are damaged and dirty.  Can you work with these?

If your slide film has mold or water damage, please don't send them.  Are your slide mounts losing their grip on the film? Let Jim know if your slides are in poor condition. 

       Do you clean the film and mounts before scanning?

Yes.  I use compressed air to remove loose debris from your Kodachrome, Ektachrome and and Fuji films.  Soon I'll be adding more info about cleaning 35MM slides on my slide scanning tips page.

The scanners I use have a dust and speck removal process called Digital Ice. This eliminates the small specks from scans but not large stains. It is slightly less effective on Kodachrome but works extremely well on other transparency films.?

       Can I ship my Kodachromes and Ektachrome slides in plastic sleeves?

Please don't unless your order is small.  Removing mounted slides from plastic sheets can be very time consuming.  Please stack and bundle your slides and pack them securely.