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Jim,s own Fuji 35MM slide film scan. Lightning at Hampton Beach New Hampshire

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Jim Harrington


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35M Slides to digital conversion services Boston Massachusetts

Some History of the Business

I'm Jim Harrington, a lifelong resident of Saugus Massachusetts.  I've been married for 29 years and have a son and a daughter ages 17 and 27.

In the late 1990's I created a website to showcase my photography. I scanned 4x6 prints to make "digital photos". This was before digital cameras were available to consumers!

I had no way to digitize my own 35MM Kodak slides.

Enter dedicated film scanners.  My first was made by Canon. After acquiring that film scanner  in the late 1990's, I created a web page offering slide scanning services.

Soon the web page was in the number 1 spot for my targeted search terms on Yahoo.  This was before Google existed and there was not much competition in the film digitizing industry.

When the first large order came in,

along with a $1000.00 deposit check from John in New York, I ordered a Nikon 4000 scanner and slide feeder.

Now I use four Nikon Coolscan 5000 scanners, running up to 3 scanners at once when processing large orders. I never work on more than one order at a time.  Yours 35MM slides are in good hands when you ship them to me for scanning.

Quality Counts

In the 19 years that have passed, I've learned quite a bit about the process of slide film scanning and refined my skills using film scanners and Adobe Photoshop CC. Countless customers from as far away as Texas, California, Hawaii and Saudi Arabia received excellence in 35MM Kodak film to digital conversion.

Are you a discerning customer or...hunting for the lowest price?

One very discerning customer dropped off a few dozen slides for me to scan. A few months later he came back with several hundred more.  He told me he brought that first few dozen to 12 different scanning service providers.  He came back to me because the image quality I provided was superior to all 12 other service providers!

Questions about Converting Slide Film?

     "How do I get started using your service to convert my 35MM slides to digital photos?"

First, call me,  Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 so I can answer any questions you might have. Send a text if that's easier or if I miss your call.

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