35MM Slides to Digital Service Slide scanning

35MM Slides to Digital Service Slide scanning

35MM Slides to Digital Service Slide scanning35MM Slides to Digital Service Slide scanning35MM Slides to Digital Service Slide scanning

Serving Boston Massachusetts and entire USA since 2001.
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Slides to digital conversion Boston

Slides Scanning services Kodak Kodachrome Digital Conversion

Digitize Kodachrome and Ektachrome slide film for New York, California, Texas & 50 states including

Call Jim  at 781-244-5655 and you'll speak to the one person who will receive, unpack, clean, scan, correct & ship your irreplaceable 35MM slides! 


Don't find this out the hard way! 

Customer satisfaction has been my top priority since I started converting 35MM slide film to digital photos in 1999.

Located in Saugus, just 10 miles north of Boston, Jim provides the best slides to digital transfer service anywhere! In addition to 35MM film to CD or DVD, I offer VHS to DVD services right here in Saugus.  Here's a list of other photo and document copy services provided:

  • Photoshop services - photo editing services
  • photo restoration and reprinting
  • 35MM slide printing services
  • Saugus photographer - Photography Services
  • photo scanning service
  • document conversion PDF creation service
  • Copy VHS to DVD - Video Tape conversion to Digital
  • Photos to USB Flash - Thumb Drive

Jim is an experienced photographer who's been living in Saugus Massachusetts for 60 years!

No-correction scans are available for those who like to do their own edits.

Nikon Slide Film Scanner - Slides to CD and DVD  - CALL ANYTIME 781-244-5655

Nikon Slide Film Scanner - Slides to CD and DVD  - CALL ANYTIME 781-244-5655

35mm Slide Film to DVD & CD

About Jim Harrington & SlideScanning123.com

I'm Jim Harrington.  Call me right now! 781-244-5655!

Thousands of discerning customers have received top notch service over the last 20 years! Many orders come from repeat customers who know they won't be disappointed. Doctors, dentists and research scientists have trusted me with their slides to digital conversion projects.

Looking for the lowest price for converting slides to digital? Sorry. I focus on providing the best possible 35MM slide film conversion, not the cheapest.

Each scan is reviewed, and with the premium service pricing, images are adjusted as needed in Adobe Photoshop CC. After scanning and correcting countless thousands of slides, I've developed a keen eye for making slide film scans look their best.

It all starts with the most sought after scanners in the photo scanning industry, the Nikon Super Coolscan 5000.

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Digital film conversion business customers:

Lightning Strike - Jim own 35MM slide scanned on the Nikon film scanner

MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge Massachusetts

Museum of Vertebrate Zoology

University of California

National Institute of Standards & Technology

Gaithersburg, Maryland

USS Constitution Museum

Charlestown Navy Yard - Boston Massachusetts

Colgate University

Hamilton , New York

National Park Service U. S. Department of the Interior

Boston Massachusetts

Slide Film Digital Conversion

Kodachrome 35MM Slides to DVD

Kodak Kodachrome Transparencies

Kodaks' Kodachrome slide film is one of the best at retaining color and contrast over the decades. Jim has 18 years experience with slides to digital conversion otherwise known as slide scanning. We offer 35MM slide to digital conversion for Kodak Kodachrome, Ektachrome and many other film types.

Slide Scanning Prices

Slide to Digital Conversion Boston

Scans at up to 4000 PPI are standard.  TIF and JPG image formats are available by request.

For 69 cents each scans will be "as is" from the Nikon film scanner. Got a large order?  Call about discounts of more the 1000 slides.

For 99 cents these are the corrections Jim makes using Adobe Photoshop CC:

  • Color, white balance improved
  • Shadow details improved as needed
  • Underexposed frames improved to bring out detail as needed without blowing out highlights.
  • Red-eye removal
  • Speck and spot removal
  • No charge for badly blurred or extremely dark originals.

There are lower cost  slide scanning services out there.  The Nikon scanners I use provide better results than the average photo lab. Some send you film out of the country! And NONE will give you the customer service and attention to detail you'd get from Jim Harrington at SlideScanning123!


Customer Comments

 "You do phenomenal work."

Jim Shaw - Massachusetts

Jim you go far above and beyond the usual customer service!

Linda D - Thetford Vermont

"Many thanks for your dedication to perfection."

Al R. - Palm Beach, Florida

"Jim as always, they look fantastic!"

Jean M - Washington DC??


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