Impact Light Tent Review

Light Shed Review

By Jim Harrington

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Light tent / shed review. Impact brand large product photography light shed review.

Canon 85MM 1.2 lens photographed in the Impact Light Shed.  Click for larger view.I purchased mine from B&H, the trusted source for all things photography and video.

The product photography tips on this page will help you get started in the field of product photography.

Although taking professional quality photographs of products might seem simple, it requires some special equipment.  Most people use what is called a light tent or light shed. These consist of a frame, a white cloth exterior and background cloths for the inside.

The main purpose of a light tent is to cast even lighting over the product from all sides, which helps minimize shadows.  When a strong lights shine on the outside of the translucent material of a light tent, it acts like a large soft-box, providing even, almost shadow free lighting for products. A light tent works best at reducing shadows when lit from more than one side. The more sides you light a product photography tent from, the less shadows you'll have.

The light tent review is for the large Impact Extra Large Digital Light Shed. A high-quality, translucent cloth material housing for photographing small and medium products that can be lit with daylight, HMI, electronic flash, fluorescent quartz and tungsten light sources.

Photographed in the Impact Light ShedThis light tent folds up and it comes with a black and white background cloth which attaches to the tent interior with Velcro.  The background cloth spreads along the bottom of the tent and up the wall to create a "cornerless" background.

I'll be adding more material to this page shortly with product photos made using this light tent.

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