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All text and photos Copyright 2015 James F. Harrington

Professional 35MM slide film scanning by
Jim Harrington

For more than 14 years, Jim Harrington has provided 35MM slides to digital conversion services. Serving the entire United States, most orders arrive by mail. An increasing share of the work comes from local customers who schedule a drop off.

slide scanning services 35MM digital conversionInstead of offering a myriad of digital conversion services, the focus here is mainly 35MM slides.  35MM negative film scanning services are now offered.

Your slide film is scanned using only Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 scanners and saved to the industry standard tif format.

Each scan is reviewed and adjusted (if needed) in Adobe Photoshop. With the experience of enhancing countless thousands of slide scans, I've developed a keen eye for adjusting scans of slides to look their best. Se my notice about slides showing artwork.

Both tif and jpg versions can be supplied at no extra cost. The digital photos made from your slides are then copied to CD-R or DVD-R for delivery.

My customer base varies from professional photographers to scientists, dentists, doctors, engineers and teachers.

Sample testimonials:

"...fairness, attention to detail, and topnotch output has resulted in decades of photos I can easily and proudly share with everyone! I heartily recommend Jim Harrington's slides to digital services. You will be much more than satisfied."
Doug Holcombe - Ohio

"I'm very pleased with these "unedited" scans.  The Nikon Coolscan5000 and whatever software you are using is an impressive combination in it's default settings.  Will likely contact you for more work in the future.
Gary F. - Virginia


A large portion of the slide scanning service work received comes from discerning individuals looking to digitize the family slide collection. Many orders are from repeat customers who know they won't be disappointed.

Call me, Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 about your 35MM slides to digital project.

35MM Slides to PowerPoint

Eastern Gray Squirrel Digital photo Canon 10D and Canon 100-400MM L IS lensFor those who lecture or teach using bulky slide projectors and trays, converting slides to PowerPoint is becoming more popular. I can create a PowerPoint presentation from your slides at no additional charge if requested.

Saugus Photos Online is a home-office based business. This is something I'm proud of, and would not try to conceal.

Boston Area Slide Scanning Services

Cautious Boston area scanning customers often drop orders by, appointment. Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 to schedule a drop off. Mailing your film is more convenient for me so that's the delivery method I prefer.

Jim's Digital Camera Photo - Canobie Lake ParkSharp focus is kept on customer satisfaction, quality work and fast turn-around.

I trust my customers 100%. Full payment is not required until after you have received, reviewed and are satisfied with your order.

All work is guaranteed. If you're not happy for any reason, call Jim at 781-244-5655 so that any issues can be resolved. It might comfort you to know I hardly ever get complaints about the quality of my scans.

Slide Scanning Service Testimonials

5/16/16 "Thank you for the great job and for the prompt service." "I will pass along your name to friends."
David T - Philadelphia PA

6/11/15 "I want to thank you for your prompt service in scanning slides..." We were able to create a DVD to play. Family and old friends enjoyed the trip down memory lane."
Al C. - Peabody MA

5/17/15 "...thank you for noticing and for being so meticulous. Appreciate that level of care."
Steve B - Boulder Colorado

12/26/14 "Hi Jim,
I got my slides and CDs! They look beautiful! Thanks so much for the quick turn around and gorgeous work! I've sent my payment. Thanks again so much! This will make a lovely gift for my father.
Carrie S. - Boston MA

11/02/14 Hi Jim, The slides have arrived and I'm going through them now ... All look great and I will get a check off to you immediately. Great job and thanks for turning it around so quickly. Steve M - Bronxville NY

10/27/14 "Thank you ! The slides (scans) came out great!
Katlyn - Medford Massachusetts

08/17/14 Hi Jim, Thanks a lot. The photos look great!
Tom K. - Putney Vermont

7/14/14 "Jim, Thank you for the prompt service and efforts to get the best out of the slides. I realize that many (originals) were not the best quality buy I am glad to have them."
B.E. - East Ryegate Vermont.

12/19/13 "... got the slides back yesterday and was able to look at the scanned pictures today. I'm very happy with them and I was very surprised at how quickly they were done. I sent out a check today. Thank you. I'll keep you in mind for my next slide project.
Stacey R Commerce Township Michigan

1/22/13 "Beautiful Jim! Many thanks.
R M - Cambridge Massachusetts

9/21/13 " Jim, My nephew came up this evening and told me how to work everything...You're wonderful. PERFECTION!!!
Your check is in the mail........
Linda D. - St Petersburg Florida

9/10/13 "Jim you go far above and beyond the usual customer service!
Linda D - Thetford Vermont

6/04/13 Hi Jim, All of the slides are now done. Please take the remainder in the account for your services in helping get those mis-directed packages forwarded, and as a tip for great service provided.

Thanks for your help in breathing new life into those very old slides! Best regards,
Hugh H - Saudi Arabia

01/04/13 Jim, Got the scans yesterday. Thanks for a professional and great job. Check going out today. Thanks again
John F - Cataumet Massachusetts

2/12/12 Hi Jim,
I just got the first batch of DVDs containing the scans you made of those damaged slides.
Awesome work! I'm amazed you managed to retrieve some colors out of those - they were so deteriorated and 'rosed over' that I thought they would never come to life. Your suggestion to make seconds in black and white was also a great idea.
I'll tee up the third batch and get them sent to you soon, so you can do your magic on them. Thanks again.
Best regards,
Hugh R. Las Vegas Nevada

10/18/12 "I gave my aunts the first DVD you created. They were in tears they were so happy to see the old slides. You made a bunch of old ladies very happy. Thanks a bunch."
Gail M. - Manomet MA.

09/11/12 Jim: Thanks so much! They look great!I see you have already put the slides back in the mail.
Really fast service, I appreciate it very much.
G W  Thetford Vermont

06/19/2012 Jim, I'm very pleased with your work.  I'll definitely be using you in the future.
Lisa B. - West Suffield Connecticut

01/20/12 Jim, we received the slides and the CDs yesterday and I looked through the scans last night. Thank you so much. I wept for loves lost and times past, but it was wonderful to see those images again. I'll get a check in the mail to you today. You probably don't hear from many folks about how your work has touched their lives, but my whole family will be grateful to you for what you've given us back with these files.
Diane R.  - Brightwaters New York

01/08/12 Hi Jim, I'm very pleased with the quality of the slides on Sri Lanka. Thanks for your excellent service.
Peter T. - New Canada Maine

11/25/11 1Jim, Received slides today. DVD images look great. Perfect timing. Check goes out tomorrow. Look forward to doing business with you again soon. Thank you!
Don B. - Thornton New Hampshire

11/1/2011 "Jim, The scans you made for me are wonderful. Thank you Thank you. I'm putting a check in the mail and would like to put a testimonial on your website. Will you please give me the link of where to put my comments?  I'm so glad I discovered you, and thanks again for your good work."
Jane A - Hillsboro Oregon Artist

9/28/11 "Jim - Received the DVD and slides. Thank you. They look great! Will place a check in the mail tomorrow. I appreciate your prompt turnaround; I should have plenty of time to have photos developed and placed in an album for my Mom's party on 10/2. Thank you!!!!
Vicki S & Family - Snohomish Washington

8/06/11 "Jim, Thank you so much for the scans - they look really great. The color and clarity is fantastic.  I dropped the check in the mail over the weekend so it should be to you tomorrow.
Thanks again!"
Jeff T. - Harvard MA

6/25/11 "We are 100% completely satisfied with the product! Thank you for your professionalism and quality work! I will recommend your services to my friends and colleagues!"
Colleen S. - Delray Beach Florida

6/08/11 "I am very pleased with results. The 2000 resolution was fine and the work you must have done to clean up the 50 year old slides was impressive. And the turnaround was very quick and seamless. Check for balance is in the mail.
Dan H.  - Hingham MA

05/01/11 "Thank you Jim. The scans look very good, and clean."
Murray M. - Cambridge Massachusetts

03/21/11 So lucky to discover Saugus Photos Online! I had 40 years worth of slides to be scanned. Most of the photos documenting precious memories with my kids, my parents, my relatives and friends were in that huge accumulation. I looked around extensively for just the right person to entrust with such a significant job. Jim Harrington was exactly the right choice. His fairness, attention to detail, and topnotch output has resulted in decades of photos I can easily and proudly share with everyone! I heartily recommend Jim Harrington's Saugus Photos Online. You will be much more than satisfied.
Doug Holcombe - Ohio

2/19/11 "I think you did a great job. The photos are old but mean a lot to me."
Linda S. - Boyton Beach Florida

01/06/11 "Hi Jim, I received the slides and DVD All in good shape, and the scans look great. Check to you in the mail today. Thank you."
Steve W. - Casa Grande Arizona

12/30/10 Jim, The scans look good! I'll contact you soon regarding the rest of the slides I'd like to get scanned.
Rich A. - Elmhurst Illinois

2/10/10 Dear Jim, Thank you for doing such a phenomenal job converting my slides to digital. It's a huge relief to get them scanned before the slides discolored, and I'll put them to use immediately for lectures, applications and proposals. It feels great to have my work handled so carefully and professionally. Thanks again!
Sincerely, Andy Y. - Newfane Vermont

12/04/10 Jim -The photos arrived and I've been able to look at them. I am so pleased and was shocked that they came out as good as they did for being 55 + years old. My mom will be so pleased to be able to see these photos that she hasn't been able to view for years! Thanks for walking me through the process and sending me the information about the slides. You are very thorough! Check is in the mail as I write this. Have a good Holiday.
Linda L - Gladstonbury Connecticut

11/26/10 Jim, You can imagine how disappointed I was when I borrowed a $70.00 slide copier. I scanned 5 slides, then removed the software/hardware, put it back in the box.

Then I received the DVD and original slides that you processed.
I am really pleased with the results. You really did such a nice job on them. Some of my slides were not properly exposed, and I see the results of your editing. Thanks so much for your talented work.
Don C. - Lincoln Nebraska

9/27/10 "Jim, I received my scanned slides today. They came out excellent. I am very impressed with your work.
I will be sending more soon. I just need to get them from my parents house. The ones you just did were from 1986...." "Thanks again!"
Brenda G - Ashford Connecticut

8/07/10 "Just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on my slides. I know they are difficult to scan, but they were originally shot with the Cibachrome process in mind. The times have changed and the digital technology has different preferences. I will be sending another batch of some 100 or so slides. Needles to say, before sending them, I will call you. Thanks again "
Goran R - Chicago IL

7/05/10 "Hi Jim, I received the pictures and they look great, thanks! I am sending you a check now for the balance, please let me know once you receive it. Regards,
Sara Z - New York, NY

05/10/10 (from voice mail) "Jim, I just had to put my show on pause. Everything arrived beautifully packed and I'm thrilled. In fact I'm in tears. It may take me a while to get some more together but I definitely will."

"Thanks a million. We're all gonna enjoy this one in the meantime. I'll put a check in the mail soon. Thanks for a job well done."
Carol O. - Leesburg Virginia

04/15/10 "Jim, You did great work. I'm very impressed. I know those slides were in bad shape. Thank you! I put your check in the mail yesterday. Best of luck with your business."
Suzanne L. - San Francisco California

3/08/10 "Thanks Jim! The scans are great. More when I get them sorted."
Jane L. - Sebastopol California

2/19/10 "Jim, Very nice. Many thanks.
Frank J. - San Marino California

02/03/10 " my pictures on Monday and they were wonderful. I just got the prints back today. You did a wonderful job and I'll continue to do service with you.
Annette H - N Richland Hills Texas

10/7/09 "Thank you for such high quality work."
Ellen W. - New York NY

10/1/09 Jim, received everything today, it's great. Once things are settled down, my dad and I will go through the hundreds/thousands of slides and select many more to do - without any rush status attached. I appreciate your getting this done so quickly.
Jan M. - Durham CT

01/21/09 "Jim, The scanned slides arrived yesterday. They are wonderful, as usual. We are just so glad we have discovered your services. We went to Yellowstone last week-most of the people in the park this time of year are photographers like my husband- and one man was showing us a portfolio of enlarged pictures (12x16 or larger). There were some incredible shots, but we walked away saying it was a shame how grainy and distorted almost all of the pictures were. It did not do justice to the pictures at all. With our slides and your scans we are successfully producing pictures (prints) that turn out beautifully. Thanks! Will let you know when I'm going to send more slides.
Annette W. - Idaho

Good Morning and Happy New Year! The
scans look wonderful. We are very pleased. Thank you so very much for your diligence. Should we have any other scanning, I will be sure to contact you. I did give your e-mail address to one of our employees for some personal scanning. He is one of our engineers. Thanks again for your fine job.
Sherry D. - Florida

12/15/08 "Thank you again for getting the slides in DVD, CD, Powerpoint formation - especially as soon as you did. I now have his slides in any format needed for TV, computer, viewing, altering, or anything else. Thank you!
Kathryn C. - Texas

12/08/08 "Hi Jim, I got the slides." "They look GREAT! Even the worst ones are far better than I had ever expected. I can't wait to show these to everybody - they haven't seen them in 30 years!

10/30/08 "The slide scans were absolutely wonderful! These family pictures have a great deal of meaning and I look forward to Christmas Eve when I share them with family. I really think your touch-ups made many of the pictures even better than the originals. I'm hoping my husband will want to scan even more of the slides after he sees your fine work. (I mailed your check already!)
Roxanna R. - Paris Kentucky

09/23/08 Jim: Although I only had time for a quick initial review the slides look wonderful and we appreciate the work. I will get the remaining money owed to you directly. Thanks again for the work, the promptness, the quality, and the return packaging that was far superior to mine.
Rick W. - Canton Georgia

03/21/08 Jim, Just had a chance to look over the slides and they look GREAT! I'm very pleased with them all, and I'm sure they will serve my needs just fine. I appreciate you sending both the non-edit and enhanced versions. Your check will go out this week.
Roger W. - Indianapolis IN

3/22/07 Hi Jim, We received the slides this morning and everything looks great. For your information, the images will be used during the keynote address at the Architect 07 Conference in the Netherlands. We're quite pleased with your personal service and the quality of the work. We'll be happy to work with you again in the future.
Brian C. - New York City, NY

1/15/03 - "Jim, I very much appreciate your professionalism and service on my recent order. Your extra efforts in converting my slides do not go unnoticed. The scans to eliminate defects in the original work are excellent, and the conversion to JPG format is greatly appreciated. Best of luck with your family and business, particularly your new baby.
Denny Jones - Granite Bay, California


Slide Filnm Digital conversion services

Slides to Digital

My Nikon Super Coolscan 5000 ED scanners are designed for 35MM film but any slide in a 2" square mount can be scanned. Scans from formats larger than 35MM, like 127 or "Super Slides" will be cropped. 126 or the "Instamatic" format film can be scanned except for the top and bottom ~7%.

Common slide film types I receive for scanning to digital photos are: Kodak Kodachrome, Ektachrome., Fuji Velvia, Fuji Provia, Fuji Sensia, Anscochrome and Agfachrome.

Kodachrome slide film often retains its color far longer than other slide film types. However, Kodachrome film has a narrower exposure latitude.

Call Jim Harrington 781-244-5655
for slides to digital conversion.

Orders are accepted from and shipped to the UNITED STATES only

All photos and text Copyright 2015 - Jim Harrington.

Jim photography for sale as prints up to 24x36"

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Slide film scanning services are provided for Fuji slides, 35MM Kodachrome slides, Agfachrome slides, Ektachrome slides, Anscochrome and all other 35MM slide film types. 126 format slide scan be scanned as well as 127 format. When converting Kodak Kodachrome slide film to digital, shadow detail often needs more attention than other film types.

Call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655 with questions about your slides to digital scanning needs.

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